you missed your chance | minerva

you sit back with wet eyes

spying on past loves losing tears

it’s not charity. i am beating them out of you. I will howl and whisper you deserve it

you missed the life you could have lived.


over the hours you spent in a ball

over the hours that dissolve to goddamn nostalgia

bruised and sinister

you think I like you? I pity you. You are the worst human.

You’ve laughed and you cried and you’ve been angry. You could have done it with others. That’s life. You chose isolation. And now, how the hell will you get it back it’s lost.

you deserve it. Go fuck yourself. Keep fucking your loneliness.

he doesn’t love you.

you were never meant for joy. or the warmth of a hearty laugh. or for the bravery of someone’s arms. for its own sake – to live beyond definitions, especially someone elses.

go to the fridge and get more food. this body is awake trying to fight me, but i’m still here.

i have scorn and rage on my side. you are too weak to fight me. you are too weak to carry me with you. wehther you fight or not, I will be with you.

carry me,

i am your rage.

you can either stay still or get moving.

i will always be here. you missed your chance to silence me.


Thank you, Marvin.


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